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Article: EOS PRO vs NOVA PRO : Which Gamepad would you choose?

EOS PRO vs NOVA PRO : Which Gamepad would you choose?

We all know that gamepads on the market adapt the gamepad layouts of the best-known brands, Playstation and Xbox. This gives gamers a vast variety of options for choosing a gamepad for their gaming journey that suits their individual preferences. 

Seeing that the gaming product market is extremely large these days, brands like us in the field of gaming product manufacturers need to take part in providing innovative gaming equipment that meets gamer’s expectations. Fantech is among the brands that have come to be the choice of several gamers around the world. We boasts a plentiful selection of gamepads with great features and quality.

Gamepad is one of the popular gaming gear used by most gamers. Many of them make gamepads as their must-have item. Fantech has many types of gamepad selections that adapts the layout of the Playstation and Xbox controllers. Fantech currently has 2 flagship gamepads with differing layouts and slightly different features.These two gamepads are NOVA PRO and EOS PRO

NOVA PRO adapts Playstation layout, and included in part of the nova series, which also includes the NOVA gamepad, a version below NOVA PRO. while EOS PRO comes with Xbox Layout which is also the highest version in the EOS series compared to the other EOS models which are EOS and EOS Lite. in this article, let's break down more about their features.

EOS PRO, standing on the top of Fantech's gamepad lineup

Adopting the Xbox layout, the Fantech EOS PRO offers a button configuration that Xbox fans will find familiar and comfortable. Unlike the NOVA PRO, the EOS PRO does not feature a touchpad, but its ergonomic design and intuitive button placement ensure optimal comfort and control during gameplay.

In this EOS series, EOS has 3 different models and EOS PRO is the most improved and advanced model with tons of features compared to the other two models. Let's discuss these gamepad features.

Main Features : 

  • Tri-Mode Connection : BT 5.0, Strikespeed Wireless, wired type-C
  • Anti Hall Effect : Located in both the sticks and triggers
  • Quick Trigger Lock : Faster trigger pull
  • Mappable Rear Paddles : Up to 5 minutes recording and 63 keys on macro
  • Interchangeable Joystick and D-Pad : 2 Level of joystick and 3 D-Pads models

  • Another feature in this gamepad is the ability to be customized through third-party software called KeyLink. You can control and adjust your gamepad settings such as customizing keys, refining joysticks, and amplifying triggers with precision based on preference and enjoyment.

    One of the EOS PRO strengths lies in its wide platform compatibility. This gamepad supports many devices including PC/Steam, Switch, iOS, MacOS, tvOS, Android, Cloud Gaming/GamePass, and Tesla vehicle. Fantech's Tesla compatibility comes first on this EOS PRO gamepad.

    There is also an additional charging dock available that works as a gamepad stand and usable as a wireless charger. This is one of the advancements which is only available for EOS PRO.

    NOVA PRO, are the features very different ?

    Designed with the PlayStation layout, the Fantech NOVA PRO offers a familiar button configuration for PlayStation enthusiasts. Its outstanding feature from this layout is the inclusion of a touchpad, iconized button (triangle, circle, cross, square), and 2 analogs aligned. Whether you are navigating through menus or performing complex movements, the touchpad provides intuitive control. 

    This gamepad represents fantech's gamepad innovation with significant upgrades compared to the previous series. Lets see what this gamepad actually features with.

    Main Features : 

  • Dual-Mode Connection : BT 4.2 and wired type-C
  • Anti Hall Effect : Located in both the sticks and triggers
  • Quick Trigger Lock : Faster trigger pull
  • Mappable Rear Paddles : enable to record up to 21 keys on macro
  • Interchangeable Joystick : 2 Level of joystick 
  • Touchpad : Comes with responsive and clickable touchpad

  • One of the NOVA PRO's strengths lies in its vast compatibility, supporting multiple platforms including PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and Android. This versatility ensures that you can seamlessly transition between different gaming ecosystems without any complexities.

    Another advantage over the EOS PRO, Nova pro excels in colour variation, which has 7 colorways. This is an alternative choice for gamers as well as gamepad innovation with many exciting and futuristic colour choices.

    For those who are looking for a new gamepad, these two gamepads could be considered as an option. If you are looking for more gamepad features which adapt to the Xbox layout, EOS PRO is your best gaming gear choice. But if you are more into different colour variations with a playstation layout, you can choose the NOVA PRO.

    The most prominent features and differences between the Fantech EOS PRO and NOVA PRO gamepads are both designed similarly to PS5 and Xbox One layouts. The EOS PRO offers advanced features such as tri-mode connectivity, anti-hall effect, and interchangeable joysticks and D-pads. In contrast, the NOVA PRO has a PlayStation layout and includes a touchpad for added versatility. Both gamepads boast impressive compatibility across various platforms.

    The EOS PRO stands out with its customizability through KeyLink Software, which allows for customization of settings and precise control adjustments. The NOVA PRO excels in its wide colour variation options, offering seven different colorways. The article concludes that both gamepads are innovative and offer unique features that cater to different gaming preferences.

    For those considering a new gamepad, the choice between EOS PRO and NOVA PRO ultimately depends on individual preferences. If you are looking for a gamepad with a variety and interchangeable D-pads, the EOS PRO might be the better choice. If you prefer a touchpad and Playstation device compatibility, the NOVA PRO could be the way to go.

    What do you think about this product ? Visit our website to explore our range of gamepads. So, are you ready to experience the thrill of gaming  the EOS PRO and NOVA PRO? With their cutting-edge features and innovative designs, these gamepads are sure to elevate your gaming experience. 

    Browse our selection today and discover the perfect gamepad for your gaming needs on our website : 

    Written by: Nathan Gotama

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