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Article: I know Field75, but what is Field75 HE?

I know Field75, but what is Field75 HE?

When Field75 HE first debuted, the most common question we received from users was: "What is HE?"

HE stands for Hall Effect. Typically, regular keyboards use membrane or mechanical switches, whereas Hall Effect Keyboards employ Hall Effect switches, utilizing Hall Effect technology to detect key presses. Each key features a Hall Effect sensor that detects changes in the magnetic field when the key is pressed, converting it into an electrical signal sent to the computer. This type of keyboard (also referred to as a rapid trigger keyboard), is more durable and responsive compared to regular ones.

This should address everyone's queries about HE. But, what are the essential changes between Field75 and Field75 HE? Please refer to the comparison chart below:

Feature Field75 HE Field75

Switch Type

Magnetic switch

Mechanical switch

Connection Mode

Wired only


Maximum Polling Rate



RGB Orientation




NuPhy Dashboard

Field Console

Upgraded Top Mount



1. Magnetic Switch VS Mechanical Switch
The most significant difference between these two keyboards lies in their switches. Field75 utilizes traditional mechanical switches, while Field75 HE employs magnetic switches (also known as rapid trigger switches). For a brief comparison of these switch types, please refer to the table below.

Magnetic Switch Mechanical Switch

Working Principle

Analog Signal

Digital Signal

Rapid Trigger


Not Supported

Adjustable Actuation


Not Supported

Actuation Range



Minimum Trigger Stroke



You might find yourself overwhelmed by these details.
*What is rapid trigger?
*What are digital and analog signals?
*What do actuation range and adjustable actuation mean?
Don't worry, please read the upcoming article What is Magnetic Switch.

2. 8000Hz VS 1000Hz Polling Rate
Furthermore, there's a vast contrast in connectivity modes and polling rates between them. Field75 utilizes tri-mode, achieving a 2.4G polling rate that consistent with wired ones at 1kHz, a feat we once took great pride in. Field75 HE, on the other hand, boasts a polling rate of 8kHz with a latency as low as 0.5ms, enabling faster skill triggering or bullet firing than your competitors, providing unparalleled responsiveness for competitive gaming scenarios.

However, it's noteworthy that Field75 HE only offers wired mode, primarily due to two limiting factors. Firstly, we aim to provide a keyboard with an 8kHz polling rate, but a tri-mode keyboard can only achieve 1kHz. Secondly, tri-mode still presents technical challenges for HE keyboards, specifically in achieving 0.1~4.0mm actuation range. Nonetheless, we are actively working to overcome this limitation and eagerly anticipate implementing the tri-mode functionality for Field75 HE in the near future.

3. Brand New Software
We offer Field Console for Field75, which is developed by a third-party company. However, it falls short in meeting user experience needs. Therefore, we established an in-house software team a year ago and developed NuPhy Dashboard exclusively for Field75 HE. This new driver allows extensive customization for Field75 Hall Effect keyboard, including rapid trigger functionality, double-clicking, single press actuation, and more. It also supports setting or adjusting functions for individual keys, as well as customizing the customizable buttons and keyboard lighting effects. Additionally, we're excited to announce ongoing development of a web-based driver, slated for release in the latter half of 2024.

4. Upgraded Top Mount
On the foundation of the top mount structure in Field75, Field75 HE underwent an upgrade. By employing a silicone plug connection method, the inner shell is connected with the top cover, significantly reducing resonance between the internal structure and the casing, thereby providing a more pleasing typing sound and a relatively softer feel to the keyboard.

So, the choice between these 2 keyboards is subjective. If you're into casual gaming or simply looking for a visually unique typing keyboard with more color options, you can opt for Field75. But if you're a professional gamer with stringent demands for keyboard response, precision, durability and customization, we'd recommend giving Field75 HE, a rapid trigger keyboard, a chance.

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