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Angry Miao Compact Touch R2 Keyboard

Sale price$899.00

  • Glass touch panel with engraving
  • 65% symmetrical layout
  • Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount
  • 5000mAh battery, 400+ hours of battery life / Wireless charging
  • DIY RGB / Top-shelf hardware
  • Tri-Mode 2.4G / Bluetooth / wired
  • Icy Silver Pro switches in Bundle
Angry Miao Compact Touch R2 Keyboard
Angry Miao Compact Touch R2 Keyboard Sale price$899.00





Less Caps,More symmetry

AM Compact Touch R2 uses a touch panel to replace the arrow keys, allowing for a more compact symmetrical layout that's perfect to show off your keycaps.

This, allowed us to combine the beauty of HHKB and the practicality of 65%, creating a typing experience that many users enjoy.

The touch panel replaces the four arrow keys, allowing you to operate the arrow keys without moving your wrist. With a simple swipe of your thumb, you can take advantage of all the functions physical arrow keys provide, including long press and key combos.

Glass touch panel with engraving

We have upgraded the touch panel from acrylic to glass material. This not only improves sensitivity and touch accuracy, but also minimizes scratches. Say hello to silky smooth arrow key swipes.

The Donut colorways comes with an engraved touch panel, adding a touch of fun to the symmetrical shape of the AM Compact Touch R2.

*The surface of the touch panel is made from real glass. Please make sure your fingers are dry and use the center of the touch panel for the best usage experience.


Angry Miao x Glove x DMK

Inspired by chocolate donuts

Tiramisu, black forrest cake and even M&M's. Everything becomes better when you add chocolate. And donuts are no exception. The unique color combination of AM Compact Touch R2 Donut gave us the opportunity to bring triple-shot ABS keycaps to our sweetest keyboard yet.

So, how does it taste?

We're not sure either. But we can guarantee that it will keep looking as fresh as the day you first got it.

*Bundle includes Domikey x Glove x Angry Miao Choco Donuts triple-shot ABS keycaps

Snow Peak - silver/white

The front cover of Snow Peak has a white e-coat finish, to recreate that Apple vibe. And, we specially ordered keycaps from Domikey to match. With the touch panel, you also have a more elegant and convenient way to operate the arrow keys.

After sandblasting and anodizing the upper cover, it achieves the same aesthetic feel as you would get with a Mac. Seamlessly integrated into a minimalistic desktop environment.

With wireless charging support, AM Compact Touch R2 is the perfect keyboard for your minimalistic desktop. Of course, it has the thock and typing feel to match.If minimalism is not the look you're going for, DIY RGB is there to add your own style to your desk.

*Bundle includes Domikey BOW dye-sub keycaps

More thock and better typing feel

Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount

Two-stage adjustable leaf spring mount packed into a compact body. The AM Compact Touch R2 is equipped with upgraded switch pads and two different leaf spring materials (phosphorus copper and stainless steel), 8 different typing combos are possible without changing out your switches or plate.

Upgraded internals

Based on the almost impeccable internals of the AM Compact Touch R1, R2 takes it a step further with an additional PET film. The PET film has cut-outs for each individual key, allowing it to minimize noise while keeping typing feel top-notch.


FR4 plate with cut-outs,
flexible yet consistent

Poron foam to minimize the empty
space between the plate and PCB

Ixpe 8 switch pad for
a more focused typing sound

PET film for a purer typing sound

1.2mm 4-layer hotswap PCB
with cut-outs and RGB

Pre-attached custom PCB
foam with precise cut-outs

Custom PORON adjustment pad
to find your perfect typing combo

PORON bottom pad to reduce
hollow sound and increase cushioning

Icy Silver Pro switches in Bundle

The switches included in the Bundle have been upgraded Icy Silver Pro for AM Compact Touch R2. Co-created with Tango, these switches stand out with their excellent feel/sound/RGB combo. When matched with our Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount and upgraded internals, typing becomes a visual and tactile enjoyment.

Tightly packed

Although the compact shape of the AM Compact Touch R2 severly limits the internal space, we haven't made any concesions on its hardware. Our designers and engineers have carefully considered its hardware design, and used the most optimal setup to make sure all our ideas could be implemented into the product. Thanks to their efforts, AM Compact Touch R2 reaches the same high standards as any other Angry Miao keyboard.

Tri-Mode 2.4G / Bluetooth / wired

AM Compact Touch R2 does not have a dedicated switch for switching between Bluetooth and wired. Instead, it automatically switches by simply plugging and unplugging it. 2.4G wireless is also supported, providing you with a faster and more stable connection.


In-switch and blocker RGB lighting with support for DIY RGB lighting effects.

Battery life and wireless charging

AM Compact Touch R2 is equipped with a 5000mAh battery. When connected in 2.4G mode with RGB turned off, the battery life reaches approximately 400 hours. Wirelessly charge your AM Compact Touch R2 using CYBERMAT to forget about recharging your keyboard all toghether.