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Nuphy x Keytok KDA Y2K Dye-Sub PBT Keycaps

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  • Profile: KDA
  • Material: PBT
  • Process: Five-sided Dye Sublimation
  • Full Keycaps: 171
  • Adaptation: 60 / 61 / 64 / 65 / 67 / 68 / 75 / 84 / 87 / 96 / 98 / 100 / 104 / 108 / Alice / ANSI / ISO





Rock it like it's 1999

Has tech gone too far? Should we be worried about the dystopia, the brain interface, the chip implantation….oh my. It maybe a good idea to take a break from the endless speculation and a glimpse into the past, the era of Y2K ‘crisis’ and gaudy dresses, to appreciate how ‘doomsdays’ came and go, while fashion just keeps reinventing itself.

The ‘Y2K’ themed keycap set sports 3 color ways, ‘the past’, ‘the tide’, ‘the beyond’, symbolizing the three phases of changes, and the vantage points of observing those impactful transformations. They maybe irresistible on a societal scale , but it is up to us to pick our roles and how we interact with them.


KeyTok PBT keycaps

Moulded with PBT materials, KeyTok keycaps are highly grease and scratch resistant, with durable legends and vivid, bright colors. The dye-sub process enables an ultr-high level of color details, and enhanced, layered visual richness.


Keyboard compatibilities

The KDA Y2K Keycaps includes a total of 171 keys, the keycap set supports NuPhy Halo65, Halo75, Halo96, Gem80, and Field75, and is compatible with most compact mechanical keyboards in the following layouts: 60 / 61 / 64 / 65 / 67 / 68 / 75 / 84 / 87 / 96 / 98 / 100 / 104 / 108 / Alice / ISO.


KDA profile

The keytok developed KDA profile includes individually tuned heights for row 1 to 5. Ergonomically designed to form a gradient distribution, the profile enables a better typing experience and higher typing efficiency. The KDA's rounded corners replace the visual discomfort of sharp corners with a more streamlined look, while the curve of its surface helps maintaining a close contact with the fingers, adding smoothness and comfort to the touch.